QuICN Project summary

The final project report was published on NIHR Journals in May 18 and is available here

Nursing the elderly

Community nurses play a pivotal role in enabling people who need care to stay at home. Quality indicators have been developed to help managers and professionals assess the quality of care by measuring aspects of care delivery or outcomes of care that patients receive, for example whether a service is delivered in a timely way or if pain is effectively managed.

The QuICN study aims to investigate the full range of quality indicator schemes currently in use for community nursing in England. The study has three phases:

  • A national survey of CCGs to collect quality indicator schemes in current use and identify those that impact on community nursing.
  • In-depth exploration of five case study sites to study the selection, application and usefulness of quality indicators for community nursing. This will entail talking to managers in CCGs and nursing service provider organisations, frontline community nursing staff and patients and carers.
  • Preliminary interpretation of the findings will be tested with community health and social care providers, commissioners and patients/carers in ten workshops in other areas of England.